Agreement of Verb with Subject Icse Class 9

Agreement of Verb with Subject ICSE Class 9: How to Ace Grammar Tests

Verb-subject agreement is one of the most basic and fundamental concepts in English grammar. This rule states that the verb in a sentence must agree in number and person with its subject. However, despite its seeming simplicity, this concept can cause confusion and errors, especially for students in ICSE Class 9. In this article, we will discuss the rules of verb-subject agreement and provide some tips on how to ace grammar tests.

The basic rule of verb-subject agreement is that a singular subject takes a singular verb, and a plural subject takes a plural verb. For example:

– The cat chases the mouse. (singular subject and verb)

– The cats chase the mice. (plural subject and verb)

However, this rule may become more complicated when the subject is a compound subject, a collective noun, or a noun phrase. Let`s look at some examples:

– My brother and I are going to the store. (compound subject takes a plural verb)

– The team is practicing every day. (collective noun takes a singular verb)

– The group of students is studying for the exam. (noun phrase takes a singular verb)

Another important aspect of verb-subject agreement is the use of indefinite pronouns as subjects, such as «everyone,» «anyone,» and «someone.» These pronouns are always singular and take a singular verb. For example:

– Everyone is invited to the party. (singular subject and verb)

– Someone left their phone on the table. (incorrect – should be «Someone left his or her phone on the table.»)

Now that we`ve covered the basic rules, let`s move on to some tips on how to ace grammar tests:

1. Understand the context of the sentence. Sometimes, the subject may be hidden or ambiguous, so it is important to read the sentence carefully and understand the context in which it is used.

2. Pay attention to verbs that end in -s or -es. These are usually singular verbs and should only be used with singular subjects.

3. Practice identifying subjects and verbs in sentences. This will help you develop a better understanding of how they work together.

4. Use grammar resources and exercises to improve your understanding of verb-subject agreement. Websites like Grammarly and Khan Academy offer free resources and practice exercises.

5. Proofread your work carefully. Even if you understand the rules of verb-subject agreement, you may still make mistakes if you don`t proofread your work carefully.

In conclusion, verb-subject agreement is a fundamental concept in English grammar that all ICSE Class 9 students should master. By understanding the basic rules and practicing with exercises, you can improve your grammar skills and ace grammar tests. Remember to always pay attention to the context of the sentence and proofread your work carefully. Good luck!

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